The Benefits of Dental Crowns

If you have had a root canal on a damaged or decayed tooth, chances are your dentist has told you about a dental crown. However, you dental crownsmay not fully understand its importance or why exactly your dentist may suggest it. Dive into the facts about dental crowns and their benefits with these five FAQs and Dr. Kavita Shah at Primary Dental in Hanover Park, IL.

  • Why is a dental crown made out of porcelain? Porcelain’s white color and light-reflecting qualities closely mimic natural teeth. Additionally, porcelain comes in a variety of colors and can be color-matched exactly to your natural teeth’s color to provide a realistic look.
  • Why would I need a dental crown? Dental crowns often cover a tooth which has been compromised by a large dental filling. However, it can also act as an actor to hold a dental bridge in place, improve the appearance of a misshapen or unsightly tooth, stabilize a compromised tooth, or protect a damaged tooth.
  • Can a dental crown save my decayed tooth? Though a crown can protect your repaired tooth from future injury, the root canal performed beforehand preserves the tooth’s natural structure by cleaning the infection from inside the tooth, removing any decayed portions of the tooth’s enamel, and filling the tooth with a composite resin material to restore its structure.
  • What is a temporary dental crown and why do I need one? Temporary dental crowns are necessary because the dental laboratory who makes the final restoration requires about two weeks between receiving a mold of your mouth on which to base their design and actually finishing the crown. Before taking this mold, your Hanover Park dentist prepares your tooth to receive the crown. A temporary crown fitted over the prepared tooth protects it until your dentist bonds the final restoration permanently into place.
  • How long does a dental crown last? Though they may need replacement eventually depending on your circumstances, a dental crown can last a lifetime with the proper care. Brushing twice a day, flossing at least once, and seeing your dentist for routine dental examinations every six months can keep your crown healthy and clean.

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