Stop Your Tooth Pain with a Root Canal

"Will it hurt?" If your dentist at Primary Dental in Streamwood advises you have root canal therapy, the answer to that question is "No." Dr. Root CanalKayla Shah performs comfortable root canals to save teeth, cure infection and relieve pain. Yes, this common restorative treatment is simple and comfortable, and best of all, you'll be able to save your ailing tooth.


The story behind root canal therapy

Modern root canal therapy had its start back in the 1800s. Since then, modern dental techniques, anesthetics and pain-relieving medications have made it one of the most successful and comfortable dental procedures around. Dr. Shah is an expert in this restorative treatment. She recommends it when a tooth has multiple fillings, is infected, or has suffered serious trauma.

The objective of root canal therapy is the removal of the tooth's interior pulp which extends down each tooth root. The dentist numbs the tooth with locally-injected anesthetic, and she installs a protective dam around the tooth.

The dentist removes the pulp and instills anti-bacterial medication. A biocompatible sealant called gutta-percha fills the empty canals, reinforcing them and making them impervious to bacteria.

At the end of the first dental visit, Dr. Shah covers the tooth with a temporary filling or crown. As the tooth heals, dental sensitivity disappears. On the return visit to Primary Dental, Dr. Shah removes the temporary restoration and replaces it with a beautiful, customized porcelain crown. That completes the root canal procedure.


Life after a root canal

Expect several things after root canal therapy:

  1. A pain-free tooth (infection and inflammation resolve, too)
  2. A long-lasting tooth (it can function for the rest of your life)
  3. Excellent smile aesthetics--no gaps, discoloration or odd shape
  4. An easy oral hygiene routine (just brush twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste and floss daily, says the American Dental Association)
  5. Low probability of retreatment


Find out more

Stop your tooth pain (and other symptoms) with root canal therapy. To arrange an examination, contact Dr. Kavita Shah at Primary Dental. Call (630) 213-0088.