Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Root canals have helped countless people save their decaying teeth from extraction. This treatment stops a tooth infection in its tracks. root canalThere are several signs that you may need a root canal by your dentist. If you have any of these problems, see Dr. Kavita Shah at Primary Dental in Hanover Park, IL immediately for an exam and diagnosis.

Bad Breath
Chronic, sour smelling breath is one sign that you may need a root canal. The bad smell comes from the bad bacteria that is living and growing inside of the tooth. Bad bacterium gives off a distinctive odor that just doesn't go away after brushing. So if you’ve taken every possible step to get rid of bad breath, but it isn’t working, that may mean that there’s decay.

Serious Tooth Pain or Sensitivity
When a tooth starts to hurt, that’s a clear sign of tooth decay or an abscess that needs treatment. Pain in a tooth is usually caused by some type of inflammation of the inner pulp and nerves. If you have throbbing, intense pain in a tooth or unexplained sensitivity, call your Hanover Park dentist immediately for an appointment to learn more about root canals.

An Ulcer or Boil on the Gums
Another sign of a tooth that needs a root canal is the formation of a boil on the gums. Sometimes when there is an aggressive infection in a tooth, it will create a growth on the gumline. If you see an ulcer or boil form around one particular tooth that has been causing you problems, that may be a sign of an abscess or inflammation.

Eating on One Side of the Mouth
When you find yourself eating on one side of your mouth all of the time due to discomfort or sensitivity in a tooth, that's a sign that you may need a root canal. You should be able to distribute your food throughout your mouth comfortably.

Eliminate the Pain and Save Your Tooth
The sooner you act when you have the signs of tooth decay, the more likely your dentist can save your tooth. A root canal will also relieve you of tooth pain and make it easier to eat your food. Call (630) 213-0088 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kavita Shah at Primary Dental in Hanover Park, IL.